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Automotive and Engine Servicing and Trouble-shooting often requires specialised equipment and knowledge that is beyond "do-it-yourself-servicing". However, with a few simple pieces of equipment, many of the easier servicing and trouble-shooting jobs can be tackled with confidence. Here, we describe several pieces of Automotive Test Gear that are easy to construct and will be a valuable addition to the toolbox.


If you've ever needed to set the ignition timing on a two-stroke magneto engine, you may have had difficulty in knowing when the points open. It's not something you can easily measure, because the resistance of the coil in the magneto is quite low, so there is very little difference in the resistance across the points when they are open as compared to being closed.

This handy device, known as a “Squarker”, (or a "BUZZ BOX"), solves that problem, because it is able to detect very slight changes in resistance, down to less than one ohm.

This construction project details the complete Squarker construction. It includes the Circuit Diagram, PCB layout and details of how the unit is put together.    PCB Artwork    Label


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