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I am a retired motorcycle mechanic with an interest in electronics. I live just North of Maryborough in Queensland, Australia.

I first started with electronics while I was still at school, but I didn't do much with it over the years since then.

More recently, I have become more interested in pursuing this hobby again.

I decided to construct this web site in order to share my interest with others with similar interests.




WORKING WITH MAINS VOLTAGE -  Simple rules to follow, to stay alive when working on mains powered equipment.

Computer Case Ventilation - Information on how to set up computer case ventilation for best results and minimum problems.

Making Your Own Printed Circuit Boards  -  Information on how to make your own printed circuit boards at home.

Make an iPhone Breakout Cable  -  How to make an iPhone Breakout Cable, including the schematic for the correct wiring.

Paper Isn't Paper  -  Shows the difference between buying quality Australian Paper as compared to cheaper Imported Paper.


Squarker  -  How to make a Squarker, or "BUZZ BOX", for setting the ignition timing on a two-stroke magneto engine.


USB Port Tester - How to convert a dead flash drive into a device for testing the safety of USB ports.

Precision Voltage Reference - A handy source of a precise voltage to test your multimeter's accuracy on the DC voltage ranges.


Build an Isolation Transformer - Do you need an Isolation Transformer occasionally? Make your own from recycled parts.
Some DC power supplies yet to come ......


Wrecking a Dead PC Power Supply For Parts - What you can salvage from a dead PSU and what safety precautions to take.

Wrecking a Dead Motherboard for Parts - See what useful parts you can find on a dead motherboard and how to remove them.

Wrecking a CRT Monitor for Parts - Old monitors are full of useful parts, but take care when wrecking one. Shows safety tips.

Wrecking Dot Matrix Printers for Parts - Still got an old dot matrix printer lying around? Get some parts from it before you bin it.

Wrecking an Inkjet Printer for Parts - You might have an old Inkjet Printer lying around that you can get useful parts from too.

Wrecking a Laptop for Parts - An old and obsolete laptop can still have some useful parts in it, so it's worthwhile wrecking it.

Wrecking a VCR for Parts - Still got that old VCR that used to chew tape? Wreck it and get some useful parts from it.

Wrecking Computer Components for Parts - Obsolete and dead computer components can have useful parts in them.
Wrecking a Scanner for Parts - Still got an old scanner? We wrecked two old scanners for parts and got some useful bits.
Wrecking a UPS for Parts - Got an old UPS lying around? There's some very useful parts in it. We wrecked two UPSs for parts.
Wrecking a DVD Player for Parts -  If your mate gives you a dead DVD player, you can get some useful parts from it.
Wrecking a Hi-Fi for Parts - Still got an old non-functioning Hi-Fi unit lying around? Wreck it for some useful parts.
Wrecking a Radio-Cassette for Parts - Your old non-functioning radio-cassette player is gathering dust. Get some parts from it.
Wrecking a Clock-Radio for Parts - Not much in these old units. but you can still salvage some useful parts from one.


Electrical Troubleshooting - See what caused the safety switch on one of our light circuits to trip and how we fixed it.

Inverter Welder Repair - My new inverter welder no longer worked after being stored. See what cause the fault and the fix.

GMC Generator Repair - Our almost new generator no longer worked when I needed it. See how I fixed it cheaply.

Cordless Doorbell Repair - After many years of use, our cordless doorbell was erratic. See what I did to make it work better.

360 Degree Sensor Repair - Our old 360 degree sensor needed replacing, but the new one had issues. See how I fixed it.

Compaq CQ61 Laptop Repair - Our daughter bought a new gave us her old laptop when she one. See how I refurbished it.

Camping Lantern Repair - My wife found a camping lantern at the recycling centre. An unusual approach completed the repair.

Arlec Battery Charger Repair - An old battery charger I found in my shed got a new lease on life with this repair.

Medion Computer Repair - A friend gave me a non-working computer. I needed to source some interesting parts for the repair.

Taurus Arc Welder Repairs - I bought a Taurus 100A Arc welder from Aldi, but some aspects of it required modification. 

Simple Computer Service - My computer Blue Screened, so it was time for a service. See how to service a computer.

Computer Mouse Repair - My mouse stopped working, so I replaced it. See how I fixed the non-working mouse.

Black & Decker Angle Grinder Repair - My 30-year-old angle grinder had a problem. See how I rejuvenated it.

A Tale of Two Torches - I had problems with two torches, but the end result was one much better torch.

Quick Computer Repair - My friend dropped in with his non-working computer. Read about how I got it working again.

Computer Mouse Repairs - I was short of USB Mice. Read how I repaired two non-working USB mice.

Simpson Washing Machine Repair - Our friend dropped of a washing machine for me to repair. Read about the repair.

Getz Headlight repair - My daughter was having a problem with her headlight. Read about the problem and the repair.

Film Scanner Servicing - My wife bought a used 35mm negative scanner, which needed cleaning. Read about the servicing.

DSE Multimeter Repair - I obtained a multimeter that didn't work, but I found the fault and repaired it. Read about the repair.

Ebara Sump Pump Repair - My Ebara pump was working fine, but next time I went to use it, it didn't work. See how I fixed it.
Powered PC Speakers Repair - 
A set of PC speakers where only the left speaker worked. A simple problem easily fixed.
TEViON Personal Video Recorder Repair -
This PVR developed several faults with a common cause. See how it was fixed.

Netgear 16 Port Network Switch Repair - I was given this unit which was dead. See what I did to restore it to working order.
Thermaltake 430W Power Supply Repair -
This faulty unit tripped the safety switch. See what the fault was and the repair.
Computer Power Supply Tester Repair -
Someone blew up one of these testers. See what happened to it and how I fixed it.
LED Torch Repair -
My LED torch wasn't working properly. See what was wrong with it and what I did to fix it.
Trade Tools Electric Drill Repair - 
A friend's small drill stopped working. See what was wrong with it and the easy fix.

DSE Power Board Repair -  Someone had given me a non-working power board. See what fault it had and how I fixed it.

SIP Handymig Welder Repair -  My MIG welder malfunctioned because of a simple fault. See what was wrong and the fix.

SIP Handymig Welder Repair #2 -  Another simple fault with my MIG welder. See what the problem was and the easy fix.

Lumina Vacuum Cleaner Repair - A friend gave me a vacuum cleaner that wouldn't turn on. See what was wrong and the fix.

ONIX DVD Player Repair  -  An unusual fault in a DVD player with an unusual source of a spare part used in the repair.

Samsung SyncMaster Monitor Repairs  -  Details of repairs to three different Samsung SyncMaster Computer Monitors.

HP Pavilion Computer Repair  -  How I repaired my neigbour's HP Pavilion computer and saved him $120.

Samsung Syncmaster 226BW Monitor Repair  -  Details the fault and repair of this particular monitor.

Maison Vacuum Cleaner Repair  -  What happened to my wife's favourite vacuum cleaner and how I fixed it.

Maison Vacuum Cleaner Repair  #2 -  Another problem with my wife's favourite vacuum cleaner and how I fixed it.

Arlec Exhaust Fan Repair  -  How I brought a non-working exhaust fan back to life after a new one proved unsuitable.

DGTEC Set Top Box Repair  -  A simple fault in this Set Top Box made it unreliable, but it was easily fixed.


Reaction Timer  -  Test your reaction time. An electronic game for one or two players. Full construction details.


Links to various other sites that we consider useful or informative.